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What do I get?

Kick your addiction with our private, online program.


Addiction Counselor

Meet weekly with your private addiction counselor via chat.


Online Activities

Therapy-based program is built around simple 5-minute online activities.


24/7 Access

Addictions don't abide by standard business hours and neither do we.

So what do I do?

Exactly what you'll do, and why.

1. Tell us about yourself

Choose your top addictions to focus on and get access to your personalized program.

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2. Chat with your counselor

Tap into your counselor's expertise, support and motivation: anywhere, anytime.

3. Complete fun and simple activities

Learn about yourself by completing therapuetic exercises tailor made just for you.

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4. Achieve your goals

Your counselor will help you set personalized goals, and Workit will provide you the tools to achieve them.


It’s been very encouraging, a constant prod towards helpful things.

"It's something I've been looking for: a structure that fits unobtrusively into my life. I came in with a goal of moderating my drinking, but I ended up switching to stopping entirely halfway through. I'm in Onward now. It's transformed my outlook."

Anonymous Workit Member | School Teacher | January 2016

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