Category: Spirit
Jackie McIntosh
Jackie, who has contributed to many core Spirit section, walks through one of her favorite practices for grounding and peace. She addresses both energy centers of the body ("chakras") and relaxation.
Category: General
Kali Lux
Eating bananas and reading books, what do they have in common? Both are things Kali has tried to help herself fall asleep. In this share, she discusses what has and hasn't worked for her.
Category: Body
Chrissy Taylor & Kali Lux
Especially in early recovery, dreams of relapsing are common. Kali and Chrissy, who have both experienced relapse dreams themselves, discuss and share their insights.
Category: Body
Chrissy Taylor
Chrissy shares about why finding time to fit in physical activity to her schedule was so important to her in early recovery, and continues to be so today.
Category: General
Kali Lux & Kristin Hayes
Kristin, Workit's Clinical Director, is in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction; here she shares a bit about her story, and a ton of helpful insights on getting past addiction, and into thriving.
Category: Spirit
Cassandra McIntosh
Cassandra discusses why she is grateful for everyone who is part of Workit. Thank you! 
Category: General
Gloria Zhu
The darker, shorter days and chillier, longer nights of winter have officially rolled around yet again! If you're dreading this season, this is the share for you.
Category: My Mission
When Kali first got sober, she was really uncomfortable with down time, particularly if she was alone. Here's how she got through it without turning back to substances.